We all have two sides to our personalities, find something for both sides here. Artwork, decor, and jewelry, of ceramic, wood, and other reclaimed materials. Darkly-playful decor and rich, unique sculpture to display in your home.


Silly Artwork


Burned babyheads, punked out with piercings and serious mohawks of nails, to charming dinnerware with victorian crime scenes printed on them.

Serious Artwork


Thoughtful sculptures of ceramic, reclaimed wood, and found materials that will bring beauty and a sense of intrigue to your home.

Ornament Orphanage


Adopt these darling, misunderstood cherubs who’ve adorned themselves with festive red bows. They want to be pretty for you.



My artwork can be viewed up close and personal at:

Pleiades Arts Gallery
109 E. Chapel Hill St.
Durham, NS 27701